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Our mission is to provide our clients with an unprecedented suite of billing solutions tailored to fit their needs. Many organizations want as little as possible to do with their billing. Others handle their own billing, but are interested in getting a little help. We can serve in each of these capacities, and everything in between.

In everything we do, we work toward efficiency, accuracy, integrity and improvement. We strive for our clients to always be satisfied with our service, but we never are. We are constantly looking for every edge we can get to improve our performance. We maintain certification for our ambulance coders, remaining vigilant for changes in this volatile regulatory environment. When we interact with your patients, they are treated with the excellent level of care and respect that they received from you during your ambulance transport.

Finally, we strive for simplicity in a complicated environment. We offer an unparalleled, all-inclusive flat pricing model for our billing so you always know your costs. And our processes keep the work on your end to a minimum, so you can focus on what you do best. Call ECP Services to schedule an initial consultation: and do your billing differently today!

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What We Offer

Our associates at ECP Services, LLC share a passion for revenue recovery, customer service, and a dedication to excellence. We integrate with most Patient Care Reporting software platforms, provide comprehensive financial reporting, and have developed best practices for billing compliance, release of information, and secure payment handling to ensure that your interests are protected. We handle all tasks that are essential to an effective billing operation, including Medicare enrollment paperwork and CMS revalidations.

  • Short term contracts, so you can maintain flexibility and control.
  • Experienced, accurate claims processing and accounts receivable follow up.
  • Innovative thinking and unique approaches to breaking down reimbursement barriers.
  • Complete transparency, including access to billing software and clearinghouse account.
  • Unparalleled customer service for both you and the patients you serve.
  • A wide variety of secure payment options for your patients.
  • Financial and operational reporting, with experience creating custom reports.
  • Processing of all necessary revalidation and enrollment paperwork.
  • A true partnership approach, with consistent feedback to your organization to work together and responsibly maximize revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management services

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